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Items Filter Controls 

ItemsFilter Library allows you to quickly and effectively implement controls for filtering the displayed Collection (Quick filter). Creating a custom filter and inclusion of his into the user interface is just a few lines of code.

Here are a few tricks to add  ItemsFilter controls to your project. All examples are better regarded by downloading the source code of the project; also available for download the compiled demo application, which includes several forms for my beloved company: Northwind.Net.Sample.

  1. Using the implemented control FilterDataGrid.
  2. Introduction into DataGrid through style.
  3. Tuning the filter view.
  4. Using the representation of a collection with a filter in several places.
  5. Filtering collections in a user control.
  6. Quick filter items in the ComboBox.
  7. Quick filter items in the TreeView.
  8. Finally.

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